Both sides of the story

February 21, 2006

Doesn't seem much encumbered by fluidWell the latest thing to get me ranting is a bit close to home really.  A woman I used to work with, who was also my closest friend (so I thought) has decided I am a heinous cow, and I am now Persona Non Grata amongst her and others. 

Let’s face it – it irks me when someone judges me without bothering to ask for my side.  It has really irked that not only has someone judged me prematurely, they have then encouraged others to do the same. 

It’s a sign of disrespect – you don’t respect someone enough to bother finding out why they did what they did (or even if they did what they did).  You are judge, jury and (social) executioner. 

Of course I’m hypocritically going to indulge in rather a lot of judging on here.  But by the same token I’m also not going to use real people’s names, so there’s no actual real life consequences – they will, in all likelihood, never know of my judgement, possibly even never know of the rage they may have caused to rise up in me, threatening to propell my eyeballs out of my skull and clear across the room to splat squelchingly against the window and slowly slip slop slide downwards until they rest on the carpet, gently soaking it with blood and whatever icky fluids flail around in your eye sockets.

But I digress.

The point of this story is to vent my all-encompassing, spleen splitting wrath mild irritation at finding out that people I thought were my friends don’t care enough to actually hear my side or my reasons.    And in the close knit area I work in this may create problems down the track. 


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