The dreaded first post

February 21, 2006

The Boy Who Cried VentAlways difficult, the first one.  The first page in the new journal, the first word of that letter you’ve been meaning to write, the first time you lean in to kiss someone new (assuming you’re sober). 

People (by whom I mean myself) seem to read the first posts of blogs to find out what they are for, what their purpose is (meaning the blog, not the person reading, ye gads, if they ever worked out their true purpose many people would collapse into a gibbering heap and be unable to continue).  And maybe those readers hope to uncover a little bit about the author too. 

The purpose of this blog is simple.  It provides me with a place to vent.  I have many pet hates, and many irritations, and I suspect that there are those out there who share them.  

I’m doing this partly to get these stories out of my head (they are even more annoying than having Push The Button* stuck in there, trust me). 

The other reason is that I actually really like to write.  My day job requires me to write a fair bit, but it tends to rarely be something I can get my teeth into (unless I want to find myself without said day job). 

Comments are welcome, although of course I reserve the right to delete any comments and ban any posters.   Kindly also respect my pseudonimity.  It’s there for a reason, and I don’t have to tell you why, just as I don’t have to tell you who I am.

Can you tell I’m starting with a chip on my shoulder?  

Which is the perfect way to begin The Vent Box.


* Yes, I have it stuck in my head now.  Hopefully, after merely reading about it’s constant rotation within my skull, you will also have caught this evil evil meme.  Heh heh.


One Response to “The dreaded first post”

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