An Introduction to the Dumper

February 23, 2006

The Dumper is a woman I work with.  She is paid more than me (aren’t they always), and is in her 40s so you’d kind of think she might have her life together.  She likes to flounce around the admin block with her long brown locks whipping around in a manner I assume she thinks is beguiling, but it doesn’t work on me. 

She drives me so insane that I have taken to asking other members of staff if they will help me hide the body if/when I murder her, gruesomely, with my stapler.

She is an absolute master of the fabled Work Dump Manuevore.  She most commonly seems to dump on me, but I have also seen her put others in the schtick with the boss, or with anyone who happens to be handy.  She will cover her arse in all situations, above all other considerations – which is not helpful in the kind of work that we both do.  Teaching is supposed to be collaborative and collegial, after all.

To give you an idea of what she is like here is an example that is rather old, but I feel gives you a good inkling as to her true nature:

The Dumper, The Boss, another colleague and I were discussing a problem we had with one of my classes and how to move it forward.  We talked it all through and the Dumper raised her objections at the start but then later agreed to everything.  I pursued that course of action and what did she do?  Sent an arse-covering email, saying she had advised me against it, to not only the Boss but also a whole host of other senior colleagues.  Luckily they also saw that her interpretation was quite wrong and agreed with me.  Heh heh – big time backfire for the Dumper. 

This morning I overheard the Dumper telling the Boss that another colleague had only told her this morning about a big meeting this afternoon that the Dumper had to attend.  This was a total lie – the Dumper and said other colleague had been talking about it all week, for at least an hour a day.  The Dumper will basically bad-mouth anyone who gives her any work to do that she doesn’t want to do.  And she doesn’t seem to want to do much.

Golly, all that bile and I haven’t even started on the actual practice that gives her her nickname. 

Breathe in, Breathe out Ventoletta, repeat after me – one day she will die, one day she will die, one day she will die…


2 Responses to “An Introduction to the Dumper”

  1. Dasher Says:

    “Luckily they also saw that her interpretation was quite wrong and agreed with me. Heh heh – big time backfire for the Dumper. ”

    Does that mean she got a puncture?

  2. Ventoletta Says:

    I wouldn’t say she got a puncture, but she certainly went down a few stars in the Dog & Lemon guide. I work in a school where staff turnover is low, so these things are not generally forgotten. Thankfully.

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