The glass is half full

March 8, 2006

When I first started reading The Good Pen, I thought maybe it was from another spiteful rant blog, like The Vent Box.  Oh goodie, I thought, a kindred spirit to link to, and share bilesome thoughts with.

But as I read on, somehow compelled (possibly by the second person narrative), I discovered that it was in fact the antithesis of this blog – if The Vent Box is half empty, Good Stuff is indeed half full. 

I realise I haven’t been filling my spite quota much lately.  If anything it’s because I’m too dulled by the low level irritation of so much of my life at the moment.  Work exhausts me, my relationship exhausts me, hell even the cat is exhausting me (I’m sure she doesn’t actually have some irrefutable biological need to get up at 5.30am and miaow viciously).  

But don’t despair dear readers (of whom I know there are none, but I like to keep my self under illusions at all possible times).  The spite is still there.  It is building quietly, waiting for a pressure point, a shifting of the plates, which results in the need for another bloody good vent.  

My early warning system detects particular trembling around that great mountainous wasteland known as The Dumper.  She wore the most hideous cardigan-dress combo yesterday and was in such a foul mood that you would have expected her to be stomping around in Docs petulantly, not clomping along the corridors in those really truly ghastly sandals that drive me insane everytime I see them. 

Hmm, maybe that vent isn’t so far away after all… 


4 Responses to “The glass is half full”

  1. Dasher Says:

    Time to shatter those illusions…

    And it’s what cat’s do.. It’s their thing.

  2. Ventoletta Says:

    Ye gads, an actual real reader, who is not just me linking to myself! Thanks Dasher, I’m insanely pleased, for someone who was “just writing for myself”.

  3. Dasher Says:

    I was hooked on the first post.

    Superb site and it’s nice to find a fellow optimaist.

  4. Ventoletta Says:

    Cool – I’ll blogroll you if I can ever get into admin again 🙂

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