Please don’t breed

July 20, 2006

So Mr Individual made a startling announcement in the staffroom today – he has changed his mind and he wants to procreate at some point.

If I hadn’t been standing when he made his public flip-flop I would have not only fallen off my chair, I would probably have ended up spasming on the floor in disbelief.  The child-hater, the man who claims others shouldn’t have children because they then expect governmental services for said children, which are funded by his taxpaying dollars, he wants to have an ankle-biter, a rug-rover, a small little helpless baby.

In fact he wants to have “at least two, one of each”.


I think this might have something to do with being in a relationship.  For the first time that I can remember he’s actually met someone’s parents, and their friends.  I’d say this was a good thing if I wasn’t so jaded from hearing all about it at morning tea, lunch time, after school meetings, when we are waiting for everyone to file in for assembly, etc etc ad nauseum. 

One day soon I swear my ears will actually rot right off unless they have a tiff and break it off.  Please, dear God, bring it on before someone forgets to take their little pill or buy their little rubber sheathes. 

I know I said I wished him love, but I wasn’t thinking about the consequences; the possibility that there might be little Boy and Girl Individuals in the world.  Shudder.


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