Rug up

July 31, 2006

Readers who are not able to marvel in the glories of Auckland television may wish to skip this post as unfortunately it will be rather nonsensical to you. 

I wish they would stop.  Just stop.  The adverts.  The ones with the rugs. 

Everytime I try to watch television they are there.  Often more than once in an ad break.  And you can’t change the channel to avoid them, because sooner or later they will pop up wherever there is a commerical break.  Like some kind of televisual weed; Old Man’s Beard has turned to selling carpet, at bargain basement prices!

There has to be some kind of fair trading problem with these adverts.  They are ceaseless and yet each and every one promises that the sale is in it’s “last days” and that this is some kind of unfortunate rug shipment, stuck in limbo due to fog/company liquidation/the rotation of the earth around the sun. 

Weekend after weekend these poor unfortunate containers, bursting with their unloved stock, are emptied at the Showgrounds, just begging, like an SPCA puppy, for you to take them home.  The implication seems to be that if they don’t get adopted purchased they will be put down destroyed in the burning hell that is just around the corner for any unsold item unlucky enough to end up at the Logan Campbell Centre.

Even if there is no issue about false advertising, there surely has to be some legal basis, under the UN’s Convention on Eliminating Torture, to insist that the ads themselves cease.  It cannot be humane to continue to inflict them on us week after week, month after month, year after year.  They make my ears bleed, they make me want to find the poor man who does the voiceover and rip out his voicebox. 

Above all else they make me never ever ever want to buy a rug.  Thank goodness we have wall to wall carpet.


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