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An easy target

August 13, 2006

Let’s see if anyone can guess what I’m venting about without me actually naming the type of organisation that has brought on this rant.

Ten Clues:
1.  They aren’t very good at answering the phone.

2.  When they ring you back you are always out.  This is often because they ring you at home even when you have asked them to ring you at work, because of course you won’t be at home.

3.  You can only call them back during traditional office hours, so inevitably it takes you at least a day to be able to do that – seeing as how they leave a message for you at home, which you can only clear after they have all finished for the day. 

4.  The people you get on the phone are either brilliantly efficient and understand you immediately (using a pleasant manner) or surly, uncommunicative, and incapable of actually listening.  The latter appear to out-number the former.

5.  Arbitrary changes are often made to your arrangements, even when you have put in writing exactly what you want.

6.  Most of them make ocean-sized profits that they send to share-holders overseas.

7.  They tend to treat their staff appallingly, which makes it no surprise that customer service becomes an alien concept to many who work there.

8.  When they make a mistake it can be catastrophic.

9.  But there are never any offers of compensation.

10.  Unfortunately you can’t avoid using these organisations, unless you are going to live in a cardboard box on the street, in the rain.

An imaginary beer to the first person to guess correctly!