About Ventoletta

I’m in my early thirties and, as a teacher, my work involves a lot of dealing with people, and a fair bit of hard stuff.  Relationships are pretty integral to it, and to life in general, and I find a lot of people very difficult to put up with.  I try, oh how I try, but some drive me near to physical violence (in my head of course) and so I’m writing it all out to try to get some distance and cope with it all a bit better.

I have a partner, and a cat, and I have also had involvement, at various times, with lots of different political groups, although I’m not so active these days.  I mention these three things (partner, pet, politics) in the same paragraph, because they too provide a constant mine of irritating incidents which I hope to dredge up from my psyche and expel to the open air for someone else to polish up and sell at three times the price.

In my spare time I like to read, go to the gym, and generally pootle around on the internet wasting my life away. 

I don’t believe in:

  • God
  • Organised Religion
  • Unnecessary Rudeness
  • Invading Other Countries Cos They’ve Got Oil
  • Oppressing Another Group Of People Because Me and My Kind Are Superior
  • Snakes As Pets
  • Greed

I do believe in:

Any questions kindly feel free to ask.  However, answers are not guaranteed. 

Also kindly respect my pseudonimity – if you don’t I will probably lose my job.

You can email me at:


More on The Vent Box over here.


One Response to “About Ventoletta”

  1. Sagi Solomon Says:

    hi. I recently came across your blog and i really enjoy it. I actually run a similar site called Ventlet (www.ventlet.com), which is more of a venting community than a blog where anyone can post vents, create venting buddy lists, etc. But the concept of our 2 sites is very similar. Thought you and your readers might be interested in learning about and joining Ventlet. I’d love to hear what you think. Thanks, Sagi

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