About The Vent Box

The Vent Box is a little project to keep me from totally and utterly exploding in a sticky bloody mess all over my workplace/my car/my home/the local post office/my fellow movie-goers, etc etc.

One of my main frustrations are the ceaseless meetings, peopled with annoying and/or stupid folk who say and do annoying and stupid things, frequently.  I find it difficult to say no to people, in particular at these meetings, therefore I often find myself having to do stupid things for others who are incompetent/lazy/stupid/all of the above.   

I don’t intend to vent about the kids and parents I deal with too much – I suspect it would endanger my anonymity and that is something I can bitch about in the staff room with alacrity, and in near total safety – it’s something we all do and if one of us breaches the Cone of Silence it would be a situation of mutually assured destruction.  The Vent Box is more for the ranting I have to currently conduct internally, for fear of giving offense (or boredom).

If I didn’t have a place like The Vent Box to rattle on about these things either the aforementioned exploding Ventoletta would ensue, or my friends would cut out my tongue to stop my ceaseless whinging.

For further clarity, if required, best to read The dreaded first post, really.

You can find out (a little) more about me here.


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